Tim Keller on N.T. Wright

“…I read every word of N.T. Wright’s The Resurrection of the Son of God—all eight hundred pages, even the indices (laughs)…. And it was kind of startling to me, because we do live in a less rational sort of anti-foundationalist approach, and he was just taking a nice old-fashioned approach: There’s no historically viable alternative explanation for the birth of the Christian Church than the fact that the early Christians thought they saw Jesus Christ and touched him and that he was raised from the dead. As I was reading it, I realized I was coming to greater certainty, and that when I closed the book, I said, at a time when it was very important to me to feel this way, I said, ‘He really really really did rise from the dead.'”

–Tim Keller, article

2 thoughts on “Tim Keller on N.T. Wright

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